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La vida en estado puro Ecuador Life at its purest

   National Anthem = 2 Minutes

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  Ecuador Adventure Travel
  Tigua Art  Ecuador Adventure  Ecuador Culture  Ecuador Rafting  Ecuador Trekking  Whale Watching
Ecuador Adventure travel programs include multisports activities like climbing glacier covered volcanoes, high altitude and jungle trekking, mountain biking and horseback riding at our Vacation Farm Finca Colibri in the Pululahua Crater. Programs offer whitewater rafting and enduro motor cycling excursions of other reputable outfits. For the most energetic of you, there are complete adventure programs, called  power packs, which combine the best of the above, for an action packed vacation.

All those tours are planned, organized and run by,
Erich Lehenbauer, multilingual Austrian-Canadian. He accompanies you on these trips, you are always assured that you deal with the same person from beginning to end and not like with other outfits, Sunset in the Sierra Regionwhere you deal with different people at different stages and then finally having a tour guide you never met before. The tour vehicles used on the trips are  owned by Erich, they include a new Mercedes Benz van for 16 passengers and a 4X4 Hyundai Gallopper II. Furthermore, Erich being a foreigner and having worked since 1995 in the travel business, he knows what visitors expect and tries accordingly to provide you with a pleasant travel experience. Another important distinction, his flexibility in planning and individualizing your trips or once on the road changes are permitted. These occasionally come up due to unforeseen factors, like weather, illness or your personal wishes. For your convenience his travel office is located in his Bed & Breakfast "Parque Italia" which makes everything so much easier if you decide to stay at his B&B hostel. It's not an obligation on your part you easily pick your preferred hotel establishment in Quito or elsewhere.

For the various programs, Erich employs professional guides who are trained in their particular activity.

The mountain climbing excursions are guided by Ecuadorian professional mountain guides, who are trained in rescue and all other aspects of mountain climbing. They are all members and certified by ASEGUIM, Ecuador's association of mountain guides. They carry modern communications, like two-way radio and/or cellular telephones.

All treks are in remote areas, therefore he employs native guides who live in those regions and know that particular country by heart. The reason for that is, that in adverse weather conditions like dense fog, heavy rains, etc... they do not get lost but also provide help in carrying equipment or taking care of the pack-horses, which are used on some treks.

The mountain biking expeditions are accompanied by a support vehicle, which gets you to the starting point and picks you up at the end of the biking. It carries also the food, drinking water, first aid kits,  all other bike extras and for repairs spare parts and tools. The vehicle always stays in touch with the bikers so that in case of emergency it is there to help you and not let you be stranded for a long time.Mountain Biking Ecuador

Enduro Motor cycling and Whitewater rafting are run by other companies which specialize in those adventure programs and are known to offer safe and pleasant travel experiences for you.

For most people, the extreme cycling environment of the Andes is best enjoyed going downhill. The Andes create a playground of huge vertical descents and gut-wrenching climbs at altitudes where the snow line and the equator meet. Descents of 10,000 ft (3,000 m) in a single day can be obtained in several areas of the country. The world-class descent directly down the slopes of Cotopaxi Volcano, the technical descent down Pichincha Volcano, and trips that take riders from the heights of the Andes to the Amazon Basin are all highly recommended.


Tigua Art  Ecuador Adventure  Ecuador Culture  Ecuador Rafting  Ecuador Trekking  Whale Watching


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