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La vida en estado puro Ecuador Life at its purest

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  Manta Ecuador Travel - Manta Cruise Ship Port
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Manta, Ecuador - Manta is the most important port city in the Province of Manabí and the one having the greatest economic growth. There are good hotels in Manta near Tarqui Beach and El Murcielago Beach. Noteworthy locations near Manta are towns of Jaramijó, Punta Blanca, San Mateo and Montecristi. The province of Manabi is home to over three hundred kilometers of peaceful and relaxing Pacific Ocean shoreline. EcoCity Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador Beach Resort

Manta is a picturesque and important port on the Pacific Ocean, located in a dry tropical forest area with an average annual temperature of 25 degrees Celsius (77° F). Because it has some of South America's most breathtaking beaches, Manta was selected as the site of the sixth South American Windsurfing Championship. It is known for its diving and sport fishing. It also serves as the primary industrial port of Ecuador's tuna industry.

In addition, Manta hosts an International Theater Festival in September. Sporting events take place in November, and also from January through April. In the city, one also finds a selection of first rate night clubs, amusement parks, and casinos. Manta has a rich history: it was originally settled by the pre-Hispanic Manteña culture. Today it is a primary city in the province of Manabì.

Montecristi, Ecuador - Panama Hats - This village is internationally renowned for the high quality of the “Panama Hats” they produce (yes, you read correctly, Panama Hats are and always have been from Ecuador and not from Panama). Lying at the foot of a large hill called Montecristi, the small town of the same name has many attractions such as Eloy Alfaro’s (an ex-Ecuadorian President) house, the Hermanas Largacha Museum, and the Monserrate Sanctuary, where thousands of Ecuadorian and foreign pilgrims traditionally flock, especially on the weekends. Another place of interest is La Pila, whose artisans make a variety of sculptures and replicas of Pre-Colombian ceramics. In addition to hats, these artisan centers display other handmade crafts made of different types of straw and iron.

Panama Hats from Montecrisit EcuadorIn Montecristi, Ecuador live a handful of master weavers, the creators of the finest straw hats in the world "Montecristi Panama Hats". Hats so fine, they almost defy description. Montecristi panama hats are made from toquilla straw, hand-split into strands not much thicker than thread and woven so finely, at first a panama hat appears to be made from linen. Masterpieces of detail, the edges of these panama hats are woven back into the brim never trimmed and sewn like lesser quality panama hats. Each panama hat is woven by a single artisan, hand-blocked, and takes months to complete. Because there are so few master weavers of panama hats left (two generations ago there were 2000 panama hat weavers; today there are about 20 weavers of panama hats), these works of woven art are becoming endangered to the point of disappearing.

Machalilla National Park - With its unspoiled, white beaches; its leafy, endemic vegetation; and La Isla de la Plata, where some of the Galapagos species thrive in abundance, Machalilla National Park is visited all year round by both local and foreign tourists. The main season is from June to October, which is when the whales come from the Antarctic to breed in the region. Situated 80 km south of the town of Portoviejo, the Park is also home to sites of archaeological interest such as Agua Blanca, with its remains of the Machalilla culture. Salango Island, where endangered species such as the anteater have found shelter, is also worth mentioning.

Chivas bus in Manta EcuadorManta, Ecuador - Cruise Ship Port - Passengers onboard the Seven Seas Navigator have several diverse shore excursion options in Manta. A tour of Manta and the nearby village of Montecristi which includes a visit to the archaeological museum in Manta and a chance to see Panama hats being made in Montecristi. Although many people believe that the first Panama hats were actually made in Panama, they were not. They were first marketed in Panama, but manufactured in South America. Montecristi remains as one of the best places to buy one of these woven hats or other goods made from wicker. Even if you are not interested in hats, a trip to Montecristi is worthwhile. The village is only about 15 minutes inland via bus from Manta and still retains its colonial look, although many of the old buildings need restoration. A ride on the Chivas bus to Montecristi will have you laughing all the way!

Two shore excursions in Manta involve a short flight inland to the capital city of Quito. At only 16 miles south of the equator, you would think Quito would be hot and tropical. However, its 9,200 foot elevation and valley location surrounded by mountains give the city a spring-like climate year-round. Quito's wonderfully preserved colonial center earned it a designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978. A walking tour of the old city, with its grand colonial buildings and ornate balconies is a must.

The second shore excursion involving a flight to Quito includes a bus ride along the Pan American highway to the most famous Indian Fair Market in South America Otavalo. The Otavaleño weavers have been using the backstrap loom for over 4,000 years! The Otavaleños weave tapestries, bags, ponchos, shawls, blankets, and sweaters. The shops in Otavalo also sell other crafts, and bargaining is expected. Sounds like a shoppers' heaven!  Otavalo Ecuador Handcrafts and Artesian market.
Zona Franca de Manabí: ZOFRAMA - The ManabÌ Free Zone, ZOFRAMA S.A. was created in order to work for the development of Ecuador, right in the middle of America, in the middle of the world. The ManabÌ Free Zone was created under Ecuadorís Free Zone Law, wich basically looks for an attractive scheme that would allow and motivate Investment in Ecuador with the intention to generate a great number of jobs. The Law also looks for the economic and financial growth of the Country. The Commitment of ManabÌ Free Zone is to create progress motor, job generator, for sustained development with economic stability and safety, with professional management that will assure success of local and foreign firms working in the Free Zone. The ManabÌ Free Zone is located in the Metropolitan area of Eloy Alfaro.

Eloy Alfaro Air Base Manta, Ecuador - Eloy Alfaro Air Base in Manta is one of five primary Ecuadorean Air Force air bases. Several steps are being taken to increase the US presence there. The detection and monitoring coverage shortfall is mainly driven by the physical condition of FOL Manta, Ecuador, which restricts US forces to single plane, Day Visual Flight Rules operations. The Department of State (DOS), which has the lead on securing long-term access agreements, concluded a 10-year agreement with Ecuador in November 1999. In 1999 the 12th US Air Force was tasked with providing support, literally overnight, to the Forward Operating Location (FOL) at Manta, Ecuador but had no assets available to complete the mission.  The US is spending $62 million to expand and improve the Manta runway and build hangars, dormitories and a dining hall.

About Beaches in the Manibi Province - In Spanish - Ubicada en la parte central de la Costa del Pacífico, Manabí ofrece hermosas playas, encantadores pueblos de pescadores y los principales centros turísticos como San Vicente, San Jacinto, San Clemente, Puerto Cayo, Puerto López, Crucita, Canoa y Pedernales, estos lugares son muy visitados durante todo el año y ofrecen paz, tranquilidad y rica gastronomía. La vegetación circundante está compuesta por manglares, matorrales y bosques. Lugares como Puerto López y Pedernales, se han convertido en centros poblados con buena infraestructura hotelera y puntos de partida hacia destinos como el Parque Nacional Machalilla. Hosterías construidas con caña guadúa y otros materiales de la región, son parte de su atractivo.

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